Make the Unusual World in Your Kitchen

The American Population

As you get your snacks and your three meals a day, you reach for the same foods usually in your comfort soon. Exotic and unique foods from across the world and maybe even across the country scare the general population.  The weird combinations of the world, and the unique spices that many cultures use often turn away the general public of America.

For example, the idea of raw fish over hot rice with bitter, crunchy seaweed is something that most Americans turn their head, and then reach for the chicken tenders. There is always the dare devils who try every unique food from around the world, but spends a lot of money for one meal. This is what I am here for.

What Edible Voyage is Here For?

I am here to make those snacks and meals more unique and get the general public to take the risks with other cultures. Try the weird combinations, and take the opportunity to try raw fish over steaming rice. But never spend your paycheck on one exotic meal. I come in right here. Edible Voyage is about giving the general public the opportunity to try unique foods in the means of your own kitchen.

Recipes and Facts

I will be giving you the quick and easy simple recipes as well as some fancy facts for every dish. These fancy facts are for you to show off to the audience you are cooking for or just to say “hey I knew” when someone repeats it somewhere. Deep down you know every fact that you learn on this blog will come in handy. The unique foods will have your audience thinking you have travelled the world when in reality you simply travelled the world through your kitchen.

The reality of this site is to make you have fun, learn new exciting food recipes, and get a taste of the world. So join the adventure, and the make the world in your kitchen!

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