A Spice Up

Popcorn. The essential late night snack, the slumber party snack, and of course the perfect after-school snack. Popcorn has always been the classic snack in everyone’s house. It is a snack that parents never deny to their kids, and kids always think it is healthy for it is popped corn. I will never forget going to the movie theaters and asking for the fun flavors with caramel and white chocolate, but those were never in stores.

Freshly popped popcorn

The Quick Change

To change your boring popcorn is very easy. It only takes about one cup of chocolate chips and any other desired ingredients. A cup of melted chocolate opens up the door for S’mores popcorn or a candy jammed popcorn. I prefer mine with just chocolate, and a glass of cold iced water- the perfect afternoon snack. It is all a matter of what you prefer, but this is one simple, quick recipe that you can bring to any party or make your after-school snack. Popcorn is the classical staple snack that you can revamp for anything you need food to eat/bring.

Everyone’s favorite

Chocolate Popcorn

Yields: One Bag

Time: Five Minutes


1 Bag of microwavable popcorn

1 Cup of chocolate chips


  1. Pop the bag of popcorn according to the instructions on the box. I usually use the popcorn button, but that is just me.
  2. Melt the chocolate chips, this usually takes about a minute and half with stirring every thirty seconds.
  3. Mix the melted chocolate into the popcorn.
  4. Add any other desired add-ons


Word Count: 258


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