A Japanese Classic

One of my favorites from the Japanese culture is fried rice. Fried rice is the simple rice with soy sauce and vegetables. I love the simplicity of the dish and how easy it is to make. You can even add chicken or some form of meat in order to get protein. I usually get this dish as a simple lunch or need a quick snack. My advice is to just cook sushi rice in the beginning of the week to have at any point when you are craving this dish.


A Grainy History

While we all think that fried rice originates from Japan or at least I did, but it actually originates from China. The dish started during the Sui Dynasty in the city of Yangzhou.Yangzhou is in South China where they are known for their fried rice. Rice is the number one grain in the South of China leaving with the opportunity to make beautiful dishes.


Our Grainy Version

I do a much simpler version of this dish. I add three vegetables: green onions, onions, and carrots. A simple sauce to add the simple white rice, and a source from scrambled eggs. Let’s just get straight to the recipe.


A Simple Fried Rice

Yields: A lot of yummy fried rice

Time: 15-30 minutes


Sushi Rice

Chopped green onions

Diced onions

Diced carrots

Soy Sauce

Sesame Oil

Chunky Garlic

Two eggs scrambled


  1. Following the instructions on the back of the sushi rice cook the sushi rice in order to have the base for the fried rice.
  2. Chop and dice the vegetables. I use two stems of green onions, a quarter of an onion, and five baby carrots.
  3. In a big pan, scramble two to three eggs, and once those are scrambled, add in the vegetables.
  4. To make the sauce, mix five drops of soy sauce, three drops of sesame oil, and one squeeze of chunky garlic.
  5. Finally, mix in the rice and sauce to the big pan.
  6. And enjoy!

See simple and easy! Enjoy this as a lunch, and a simple snack!

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